Earn Points for Shopping at DesignerShoes.com


DesignerShoes.com works hard to find a wide range of hard to find sizes (all must go to size 12, at minimum!) in great styles for you. So we really appreciate it when you choose to shop with us.

Now we are going to reward your loyalty and thank you for choosing to shop with us.

Starting now REGISTERED customers (sorry, it can’t work for Guests) will earn REWARD POINTS toward the purchase of more DesignerShoes.com shoes!

Here is how you earn REWARD points:

  • register as customer at DesignerShoes.com
  • purchase shoes – earn points!
  • write reviews (reviews must be validated by editor) – earn points!
  • refer a new registered visitor – earn points!
  • your referred visitor buys shoes – earn points!

Not Registered?

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Go Shoe Shopping!

When you reach a minimum of 200 points, you can use those points toward the purchase of more DesignerShoes.com shoes!

Here is how you use your REWARD points:

You must be a REGISTERED customer to use your REWARD points.

When you are ready to use your points, you must use them in increments of 50 points, starting with a minimum of 200 points.  For example, you can use 250 points, but not 267.  The points above 250, 17 points, will be stored for the next time.

On the check out page a “Rewards” box will appear to the left of the purple “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button.  Enter the number of points you want to apply to your order.  Click “enter”.  The deduction will be applied to the price of the order.