Finding 11AA Shoes Cures Fear of Flying

Years ago in San Diego, when I was married, my husband went shoe shopping with me one morning for a special event that evening.  After two frustrating hours looking for something fashionable in a size 11AA, he suggested we drive to Los Angeles to a known specialty store.

After purchasing four pairs of shoes we returned to the car, which refused to start.  After two futile hours, he called a cab for the airport.  I had never flown before and was petrified at the idea but we had left the children with the housekeeper and with our evening affair looming, he convinced me we had no choice. I vividly remember looking at all of the faces of the people who were going to perish with me as I boarded the plane, but the prospect of four beautiful and fashionable pairs of shoes sustained me until we landed.  I was no longer afraid to fly after that experience and now look forward to flying to New York for my shoe shopping experience.



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