She HATES Her Size 12 Feet – Can’t Find Shoes

Dear Shoe Lady,


I’m a size 12 and I HATE my feet. Everytime I see a shoe that I LOVE, they obviously don’t carry my size. So where can I purchase cute shoes online? Also what would be my size when it came to wanting to wear heels?



Dear Chevonne,

I’m not asking you to love your feet.  But you can at least be kind to them.  If you are going to be angry, then be angry at the folks who don’t make shoes in your size.  It is not the fault of your feet that you can’t find size 12 shoes!  Not that I’m not sympathetic.  As a size 11.5 myself, I wear size 12’s a lot.  If you think size 12’s are hard to find, try looking for an 11.5.
But let’s get right to your question.  You can purchase size 12’s on line here:  You can probably find them other places too.  But does not annoy you by carrying all those styles that stop at size 10.  The size 12’s sell out fast, but the site is filled with, as of today, 1.705 choices.  Since it is the very beginning of Fall, new styles are arriving all the time.
But I have to ask.  What makes you think you are a size 12?   Just because a size 11 was too small?   You didn’t mention the width.  If you get the wrong width, the shoes will look strange on your feet, and they will be uncomfortable.  Please read about how to measure your feet.  If your feet are 10.8 inches long, then you ARE a size 12 (USA).  But if they are less than half an inch shorter or longer then you are a size 11 or a size 13.  Learn how to measure your feet accurately here:
Please do not make the all-to-common mistake of buying a shoe that is too long for you just because you need more space to squeeze in a wide foot!  Look for a smaller size and a wider width.  If you are a size 12 medium, then the bottom of your foot, at the widest part, should be about 4.1 inches across.  If your foot is only a third of an inch narrower or wider, you could need a size 12 narrow or size 12 wide instead of a medium.  Read about shoe widths here:
Developing your personal style will make you a fashion leader.  Decide what shape and style of shoe looks best on your feet.  What styles go best with your lifestyle.  You mentioned high heels.  If they are properly sized, you would wear a size 12 in heels too.  But for heels, knowing your correct size and width is more important.  There is less, shall we say, “wiggle room” if you get the measurements wrong.  You may decide that a flat mary jane style in a bright color with striped opaque tights makes the perfect fashion statement for you.  Or you may prefer a stiletto ankle boot with a platform sole and blue jeans.

Whatever your style, treat your feet well and they will make you happy.

Best to you,
The Shoe Lady

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