Need Shoe Size Advice ASAP for Trotters

Dear Shoe Lady,

I wear any where from a 9 to a 10 US size–foot measures 10.06 inches long, 3.31 wide for width ( actual width of toes), further down .5 inches below toes–3.44 inches wide, and 2.83 for the heel.  What size should I order for the trotter’s Liz shoe?  I am leaving town in two weeks.  I have trouble with the width by the toes and the width of the heel fitting.



Dearest Janet-

I don’t understand your description of your foot measurements.  Just to clarify, the “width” of the your foot measurement is the WIDEST part of your foot, not your toe area.  And, regrettably, it has been a long time since shoe manufacturers paid attention to the width of your heel, it is assumed to be in proportion to the length of your foot and the width at the “ball” of your foot.  So I’m going to take you for 10.06 inches long and 3.44 inches wide.
Foot Measurements
You are pretty close to a perfect 9.5 N.
I’m also not clear on what “trouble” you have with the toe and heel width?  Too wide?  Too narrow?
If you like your shoes a little wider, go for a 9.5M.  If you like them roomier in the toe, go for a 10N.
Rest assured that I am not measuring the actual Trotter’s Liz shoe in these sizes.  I am going by two pieces of information:
1.  Your measurements, as given, compared to the internationally recognized data on the size chart
2.  My knowledge that Trotters does a very good job of making shoes according to the size specifications used internationally.
I do hope this information reaches you in time for your trip!
Bon Voyage!
The Shoe Lady