Dear Shoe Lady,
I have some foot and back issues that require orthotics. But I have such a difficult time finding decent looking trendy and elegant shoes – particularly sandals that take them. As a result, I’m a mess by the end of the summer since style is very important to me. Do you carry any shoes where the insides can be removed to be replaced by custom orthotics?

Dearest Vivian,
My heart goes out to you, and unfortunately this is an all-too-common problem. No one should ever have to sacrifice style for comfort, or even wearability.

Aerosoles Screen Saver Soft Gold Combo at DesignerShoes.com

Aerosoles Screen Saver Soft Gold Combo is a Low Heel Casual Sanda

The Aerosoles Screen Saver shoe would be a perfect summery strap on. Although you cannot remove the insole, you can adjust both straps to compensate for the extra padding!

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  1. Dear Shoe Lady–How do I measure my feet to find the right size of shoe?? My shoe size is 8– I have lymphadema and the top of my right foot is VERY PUFFY–any ideas or tips??

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