Removable Footbeds after Bunion Surgery

Dear Shoe Lady-

I had bunion surgery.  Now I want to baby my feet and it would be important to add doctor recommended Superfeet insoles into all of my shoes.  I will go up a width (from medium to wide) so I can insert the insole and not have the shoe too tight.  Regarding the ankle area that may be too loose, would it work to add a cushioned insert on the side of the heel?

Can I order a few pairs of shoes and send back what doesn’t work?  After awhile, I should be able to figure out what brand, size and width work best.


Dear Barbara-

I hope you baby yourself all over after bunion surgery.  Staying off your feet during recovery can affect your whole body, muscle tone in your legs, the movement in your shoulders that comes from swinging your arms.  Bunion surgery, any foot surgery, is a “full body” experience!
Propet style W07104PI with removable footbed

Propet style W07104PI with removable footbed

Now for your feet.  There are many different kinds of insole inserts.  And you will be pleased to learn that some brands and a few styles within other brands actually design their shoes with removable insoles.  For starters, I suggest you take a look at the Propet brand (new spring styles should be on line by Friday and they look terrific!)  Every Propet (except open sandals) has removable footbeds.  Go with your regular size and width, and get a shoe designed to accommodate an insole insert.  That’s my top recommendation.
If you want to have a broader range of style choices, you can order the shoes in one width wider than your regular size.  Before you do this, please read this:  About wide size shoes.  Manufacturers use different techniques to make shoes wider.  As for the ankle, if you have to start retrofitting with cushioned heel inserts, you probably have the wrong shoe style or size.
Order shoes and if they don’t fit, return them.  You will be refunded as long as the shoes are still in “new” condition.

Propet style W7103SIO with removable footbed

Propet style W7103SIO with removable footbed

Best wishes for a healthy and successful recovery.
The Shoe Lady