Shoe Art Project: Final Designs

Katey Reim’s final designs for the collaboration of and Massachusetts College of Art and Design are finally here! Katey’s hard work and efforts will be on display at the MassArt Senior Collection Exhibit at 5:00pm on Wednesday, May 18th.

Here are the before pictures to show a comparison of the starting point to the bold and colorful designs Katey has come up with. Katey mentioned earlier that her end result is nothing like how she envisioned. This was about the journey, learning about what was possible for the design, and finding what worked best in approaching the shoes. It is hard to believe that these are even the same shoes. Katey has taken shoes that are essentially blank canvases and transformed them into one-of-a-kind creations. She uses an effective blend of wrapped fabrics, nail heads, and hand painted elements to achieve her goals.

Katey Shoe Selections found on

Before Photos

Clockwise from top left: Sharmain by Touch Ups in white, Sharmain by Touch Ups in black, Gwen by Special Occasions, Emmy by Special Occasions, and Alberta by Dyeables.


Katey's Couture Shoes. Original Dyeable Shoes Found on

Photo by James Mason

Katey decided to remove the strap and heel of the Emmy shoe (featured in the middle), and converted it to a high-heeled slide instead.


Katey's Close-ups. Original Shoes Can be Found on

Photo by James Mason

It is definitely the attention to detail that pulls all of her designs together. The nail heads offer a subdued and antique quality. The careful layering of the fabrics creates a piping effect that really pops, and adds another dimension to the shoe itself. Her designs strengthen the idea of “wearable art.”


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