Shoe Salesman Makes Size 11 Chicago Teen Feel Like a Freak

Growing up in Chicago years ago, I remember my mother taking me to buy shoes.  I was so embarrassed as a child for being tall and having large feet.  The salesmen in the shoe stores stared at me, as though I was a freak.  I sometimes think that I willed myself to stop growing.  I viewed shopping for shoes as the biggest nightmare anyone could have.
But my parents kept telling me that someday, I would be beautiful; that I could wear any clothing in the world.  They said over and over that tall people are beautiful, that one day it would be easy to buy shoes and God Bless them, they were so right!!!!  I have modeled in my life and my height of 5 feet 9 inches opened doors everywhere I go.  I wear a size 11 and have worn this size since I was 12 years old.  I love my height and my large footprint. Thank you Designer



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