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Dear Shoe Lady,
I need your help. The size of my foot is 28.5cm from toe to heel and 11cm across my foot. I think im a size 12 by my calculations but just double checking with you as I live in Australia and would like to try and get it right first time.
Thanks heaps hope to hear from you soon,

Hi Julie,
Thank you for your inquiry! We strive to do our best in matching the right fit. At times it might be difficult to find the exact fit due to each individual’s unique feet paired with standard shoe size manufacturing. The style and shape of the shoe also adds another layer to your search. It is great that you measured your feet. It looks like the best overall fit would be a size 14 medium. I used our shoe size conversion chart to double check your size.

Do you wear a size 12 in Australia? The US sizes and Australian sizes are virtually the same. It doesn’t hurt to measure each foot again, and remember you should be barefoot and standing up when you make the tracing.

Barefoot Tess Bordeaux Grey at

Bordeaux by Barefoot Tess is a High Heel Dressy Pump

Bordeaux by Barefoot Tess is a lovely muted gray pump, and this shoe line is known for catering to longer feet.

Please let me know how the search is going!

The Shoe Lady

1 thought on “Shoe Size Conversion Chart – Australia

  1. Dear Shoe Lady

    The length of my feet is 29cm and the width is 11.5cm do you think that size 12w or 13medium? Sometimes in summer I even have swollen feet near the ankle what size do you suggest? Thanks for you help because it is a nightmare to find a pair of comfortable shoes and even when I order from you sometimes are a little tight and I have to discard them.

    Hope to hear from you and thanks once again.

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