Size 12 Woman Marries Size 15 Man, Have Kids With Solid Foundation!

My dad has size 13 feet.  I grew into size 10 by 8th grade.  In the 60s and  70s there were no girl shoes that fit.  I wore loafers and tennis shoes that were male compatible.

So now I have 2 lovely daughters and a son. Their dad had average feet to go with a lot of average stuff. Rachel is a lovely girl with size 12 feet, Daniel is size 15, Rebekah got her dad’s genes and is a 9. Every time Rachel was pregnant, we could judge the size of the child by the feet. You could clearly mark them and their size pushing out her womb. And she and her size 15 husband are growing solid foundation children. Thank God for answering prayers that we can get pretty and big shoes.

I just found Rachel a pair of silver sandals (12) for her 10th re-wedding event. They looked great. I opened the box and the clear Lucite heels do the tri-color treat just like her toddlers. We have decided to leave them as they are as a tribute to big feet and shining lights every step she takes. Lots of love and laughs coming from Mom and family. Her kids will think she is the bomb.



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