Size 13 Called “Sasquatch” in Shoe Store

I had always wanted some cowboy boots and one day, while shopping with my daughter, we ran across some that I liked at a store that carried large and small sizes.  The boot like looked liked a bona fide BOAT when the salesman took it out of the box! But I proceeded to put it on, despite the normal footed gawkers sitting around us. I stood and walked to a mirror and suddenly, a teenager sitting behind my daughter, spit out a laugh it seemed she could just hold no longer. My daughter overheard her tell her friend “Sasquatch in cowboy boots”. At that point, the second one peeks over her shoulder and joined her friend in a teenage giggle that they couldn’t stop if you hogtied them! Luckily, I hadn’t heard the comment but the giggling was a signal that someone else thought they looked as funny as I did. So I took them off and decided that maybe cowboy boots don’t really do much for size 13s. I’m over it now.



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