Need More Size 13WW Women’s Shoes for Work

Dear Shoe Lady,

I cannot find  cute flat work shoes in size 13WW.



Dear Eva-

 You are absolutely right!  This is a huge problem.  I will get right on it.  I think this may be a result of the recession.  Shoe companies backed off the larger sizes.  I’m finding some cute sandals but no flats.  Normally Propet would be a good choice for you.  But it looks like they didn’t make enough shoes in this size and have sold out.   Please make do with what you have for now until I can get more styles for you.
Also, do not buy the Antia’s which do show up in that size.  I have told the folks at Antia way too many times that a Euro size 43.5 is NOT a size 13.  And it certainly is not a size 13WW! tells me that they have the correct sizing for these Antia’s and will be resizing them shortly.  In the meantime, if you see Antia in a size 12 or 13, do NOT order it!
So sorry I can’t be more helpful right now.
UPDATE… not much improvement.  But you may find something suitable for work in the black crepe styles from Lava and Colorful Creations.  These are usually for dressy evening but until we can do better, give them a try.
Also, look at the options here:  And consider a 14W here:
Best to you,
The Shoe Lady