Heels Slip Out While Dancing

Dear Shoe Lady,
About 15 years ago I bought a pair of easy spirit shoes that fit me better than any shoes I have ever had. I believe they were labeled something like M A/B but I don’t remember exactly. I am a size 7 and 1/2 but the ball of my foot is wide and the heel is narrow and my arch is high. My feet look great in most shoes but I like to dance and have trouble with fitting my high arch and wide ball into a pair of 7 and 1/2 heels so I have to buy an 8 and then my heel slips out. Dangerous while dancing! Help! What size should I look for?

Dear M,
Please measure the length and width of your foot. Compare the data to our size chart. – http://www.designershoes.com/size-chart. Most likely you are a 7.5 wide (W) if an 8 is too big and a 7.5 too narrow width wise. The acronyms for shoe width can be confusing so below I will provide a break down.

SS = AAAA = “extra slim” or “quad”, the narrowest size generally available. Even these widths are increasingly rare.
S = AAA= “slim” or “triple”
AA = N = “narrow” or “double A”
M = B = “medium”, the most common or “average” width for that size.
W = C or D = “wide”
WW = EE or EEE = “extra wide”

Don’t fret over wearing a wide size. The majority of women do not have a medium width even though the manufacturers would like us all to believe. I selected a couple of sexy heels perfect for dancing the night away in size 7.5 wide.

Naturalizer Iman Black at DesignerShoes.com

Iman by Naturalizer is a High Heel Dressy

Perfect booties to pair with a short mini dress or skirt. On sale now for $84.10. Marked down from $117.00.

Sofft Ramona Ii Sand Patent at DesignerShoes.com

Ramona Ii by Sofft is a High Heel Dressy Pump

Peep toe nude pump elongates the leg and works well with patterned or bright color dresses.

Happy Dancing!
The Shoe Lady

Keeping Warm on a Ski Trip

Dear Shoe Lady,

My husband and I are planning to fly to Colorado after Christmas for a ski trip, and considering I live in the South, I can’t say I’m at all prepared! I want to be stylish, but of course my biggest priority is not having my feet freeze over. Can you suggest some cute boots and shoes that can handle winter weather?

Thank you!!

Clare from Texas


Dear Clare,

I’m going skiing myself soon, and I can definitely understand the importance of staying comfortable yet stylish around the slopes. One of my favorite winter brands is Tamarac, and all of their shoes and boots are just the warmest.


Tamarac Arizona Rootbeer - DesignerShoes.com

These loafers are perfect for walking around your hotel or cabin or even outside, if you don’t want to wear boots. These come in a few colors, but I think the black-on-black is very stylish and matches with just about everything.


Tamarac Megan Black - DesignerShoes.com

Boots will be your #1 staple around the ski resort! I love the Megan boots because the sharktooth-style toggles on the sides add a stylish touch to an otherwise classic suede boot shape.

Oh! And of course, I should add that everything from Tamarac is 10% off right now (code: TAMARAC).


Trotters Blast Too Mocha - DesignerShoes.com

What I adore about these boots by Trotters is that they’re practical, waterproof, and warm, but they definitely don’t compromise style at all. They’re perfect for apres ski dinner or drinks.

Have a great trip!

– The Shoe Lady