Duck Feet? What to Do?

Dear Shoe Lady,

Every pair of shoes I own are too tight in the toes and too loose in the heels. This is a real problem if I want to dress up and wear pumps as the shoes with actually fall off my feet at the back yet be causing me such pain in the toes. I have bought heel grips and they changed nothing. I have doubled them up with thick tissue and still they won’t stay on my feet. I would like to dress up for a wedding and wear classic pumps. Is it possible? What can I do to my shoes to make them fit? I try different sizes in the store and I think I get one that works but 10 minutes into wearing it, it slips! argh!



Dear Ducky!

Takes one to know one!  And I do sympathize!  Here’s the deal.  It is not about your shoe SIZE, it is about learning to pick a style that matches the shape of your foot!

Heel grips are worthless.  I’ve tried them hundreds of times before I learned about fit.  I have definitely “been in your shoes”!

You say you want pumps.  You must get them wide enough at the forefoot for those web shaped toes.  Look for styles that have a wider toe box.   Also consider slingbacks, which adjust better to a narrower heel.  And, of course, mary janes which have a strap over the vamp of your foot to hold the darn shoes on!

Once you understand the physics and geometry of your situation, you will learn to choose styles with a wider toe box for toe room and a higher vamp to anchor the shoes onto your feet.  Boots, T-Strap shoes, ankle straps, etc.

Here are some styles to give you an idea.  You can definitely look glamorous at that wedding!

Best Wishes,

The Shoe Lady

Sofft Ravenna Gold at

Ravenna by Sofft is a Low Heel Dressy Sandal

Studio, black suede a Mary Jane style pump by Soft Spots

Studio, black suede a Mary Jane style pump by Soft Spots

Sofft Reiko Caramel Suede at

Reiko by Sofft is a High Heel Dressy Bootie

Bella Vita Athena Multi Snake Leather at

Athena by Bella Vita is a Mid Heel Dressy Pump

Naturalizer Beauty Coral at

Naturalizer Beauty Coral is a 3 Inch Wedge High Heel Casual Sandal