Shoe Stretching – Bella Vita Athena

Dear Shoe Lady,
I have just received my Bella Vita Athena leather shoe size 6.5. The width is good but they have peep hole toe which is just a little long. Will they stretch enough so my toe can slip down a little or should i return them and exchange for a size 6. I LOVE the look!

Dear Lynette,
The Bella Vita Athena Style is a SEXY shoe – what a great choice! Leather in general always stretches a little bit, but all Bella Vita shoes are designed for comfort and are made of excellent quality materials. I’m afraid that if you did indeed go down a size you might find your toes are pinched!

For a bold look try the Bella Vita Athena Multi Snake Leather. Sexy!

Bella Vita Athena Multi Snake Leather at

Athena by Bella Vita is a Mid Heel Dressy Pump