My summer look for the office needs some sprucing up.

Q: Hi Shoe Lady,

For the past few years, I have relied on the same office look, and I am interested in branching out. My summer work look needs some sprucing up. Any ideas for moving closer to sandals, but still appropriate for work?

All the best,

A: Hi Elizabeth,
It sounds as though you require something with a covered toe for your office environment. A lighter weight shoe could be the way to go also for those summer months. Here are a few suggestions for you to think about.

Jer by Trotters, a good, comfortable office shoe.
Here we have a modified take on the ballet flat by Trotters. The Jeri shoe has a slingback, which enables more breathing room.
South Role by Aerosoles, a high heel casual slingack, great for office.
South Role by Aerosoles is a slingback pump that comes in green, black, or tan. The cutouts in the toe box add a bit of the risque without sacrificing the career shoe requirements for sobriety.

Acalia by Antia is a low heeled dressy flat at
Acalia by Antia is a shoe that gives you a cross between ballet flats and sandals. The pattern paired with solid pants or skirts will make a good balance of textures.

Take care,
Shoe Lady