Ladies Size 12 Platform Sandal – Specific Style Request

Q: Dear Shoe Lady, I am a ladies size 12. I am looking for a platform sandal preferably wood and leather with an adjustable ankle strap. But the front of the sandal has to be high off the ground, only slightly lower than the heel. I want a backsloping telescopic heel, but not too narrow. The sandal should be a rocker that is comfortable to wear all day long. I want to wear it barefoot or with pantyhose. With jeans, slacks skirt or dress.

A: Hi Katrina, Thank you for contacting us! One of the best parts about answering questions is searching for the closet match. I could browse styles for hours. What I came up with are some selections that are in the spirit of your original vision. I hope this will be a good starting point for you.

Samanta Zon Black at

Zon by Samanta is a High Heel Dressy Sandal

Zon by Samanta boasts a double buckle for ankle and toebox adjustments, as well as extra padding in the footbed. This shoe can easily be dressed up or down with skirts or jeans. On sale at!

Review all the Samanta brand shoes! One of my favorite brands.

All the best,
The Shoe Lady