What USA Size and Width for a Bridal Sandal in Norway?

Dear Shoe Lady,

My name is Kjersti, and I’m writing from Norway. I’m thinking about ordering Dyeables Alyssa White Satin for my wedding, but I’m having trouble figuring out the right size.

I usually wear a EURO size 36, but since we don’t use Width sizes in Norway, I don’t know which USA size that would be correct.

My biggest foot is 23 cm long and 8,5 cm wide, something that would end up in a USA size 6 or 6.5 Medium. But that is about the same as a EURO size 37, which is usually to long for me when it comes to sandals.

I have also experienced that some sandals that I’ve bought in shops here at home can get a bit tight over my foot, but my ankles aren’t really thick.

What size would you recommend for me?

Thank you!

Dear Kjersti,

My goodness!  You are breaking my stereotype about Scandinavian women being tall with long feet.  You have tiny feet!  All your measurements suggest a USA size 6 medium or 6.5 medium.   But a EURO size 36 is closer to a 5 or 5.5 wide.  I tend to pay more attention to the size of the shoes you wear rather than the measurements you took because, well, who knows if you slipped up with the tape measure?  The difference between a size 5 and a size 6 is only 0.8 centimeters or a third of an inch!  So lets assume you should be looking at either a size 5.5 wide or a size 6 medium.

Alyssa, dyeable white strappy sandal by Dyeables

Now, down to business.  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  The Alyssa is a beautiful shoe.  It doesn’t come in wide, only medium.  But it is very open.  I think you could wear a 5.5 or a 6 medium.  It depends on how close to the end of the shoe you want your toes to be.  If you  want only a sliver  of the shoe to show under your toes, go for the 5.5.   Otherwise, go for the 6.

Best Wishes on your special day!

The Shoe Lady

Shoes for a Tall Lady to Wear to a Reunion?

Dear Shoe Lady,

I want to look terrific at my reunion this spring.  What do you suggest for shoes?  By the way, I’m on the tall side.


Dear B.T.,

First, I’m guessing that because you mentioned you are tall, you are looking for lower heels?  High heels can be lots of fun for tall women.  But here I’ll stick with lower heel suggestions.

Sandals are great, whether they glitter with rhinestones, 


Montaege Pocahontas Black w Crystals - DesignerShoes.com

shine with patent


Aerosoles Gaduation Black Leather - DesignerShoes.com

or metallic finish leathers  or go earth tones with fabric and leather weaves .  I also love the by Special Occasions worn with stove pipe, cropped or capri pants – a glittery,


Softwalk Rodano Bright Multi - DesignerShoes.com

feminine, flattering footwear look and comfortable too.  


Special Occasions Glamour Ballet Black - DesignerShoes.com

Top it off with a flowing tunic or cascade coat top from Truly Your. It’s hard to find interesting clothes when your tall.  These floaty, colorful tunics and tops are extra long and look great at a party! If you are inclined to want to stand out in the crowd and flaunt your own fashion sense, try designing your own footwear.  


Touch Ups Letitica White Satin - DesignerShoes.com

Dyeable shoes are low priced and versatile. Don’t just think of them for proms and weddings.  Go get some fabric markers or fabric paint.  Order a plain white ballet flat, a white wedge pump  or a peep toe slingback.  Go to town with your own design right on the fabric!   ….. and send us a photo of the results!

Have fun!

The Shoe Lady