Translating from Men’s Shoe Size to Women’s Shoe Size

Dear Shoe Lady,

I wear a 9 1/2 wide shoe in men’s  but I don’t know what I wear in a women’s shoe.  I tried on some 12’s but they feel tight.  Help please.



Dear S.W.

Men’s shoes are designed to be comfortable and fit a normal human foot.  This is NOT true for women’s shoes.  A men’s 9.5 shoe is 10.5 inches long.  That is the same length as a women’s size 11 (or a UK 9 or a Euro 43).  But length is only part of the fit equation.  Men’s shoes are made wider and a bit deeper (top to sole) than a women’s shoe of the same length.  And you wear a men’s wide.  So you need to be looking for a women’s 11WW.  You said a 12 didn’t fit.  I’m assuming it was a 12M (medium).  You may be expecting that little extra toe room that men’s shoes have.  I suggest you try a 12WW and then a 12W and then an 11WW until you find the size, width and shoe shape that suits your feet the best.

Happy Hunting!

The Shoe Lady