Triple wide dress shoes for women

Q: where can i find triple wide dress shoes for women? i have tried to wear dress shoes size 11.5 ww and its too narrow for my feet my feet width is pretty wide my feet size is 11.5 please respond asap thank you , Annette

A: Presently there are no triple wide 11.5 dress shoes. If you need an instant summer workaround, then you might consider buying double wide dressy sandals. This way your feet will have more freedom with less shoe material. When searching for closed-toe shoes remember that restretching them is also a possibility in gaining that perfect fit.

Ros Hommerson Lite Silver Sheep at

Lite by Ros Hommerson is a Low Heel Dressy Sandal

Ros Hommerson makes wide width sandals.

You may also try ordering a half size larger in order to allow for the increase in shoe space.

Annie Jax Silver at

Jax by Annie is a High Heel Dressy Sandal

Jax Silver by Annie could also work because of less enclosed space. When considering a style, remember that your foot shape and thickness are key factors within the context of the shoe shape.

Good luck,
The Shoe Lady

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  2. My mother is in a nursing home, wheel chair bound and gets around using her heels to move the wheel chair. Her feet are enlarged and I can’t find an athletic shoe that she can get her feet into. her feet are swollen from the back of her toes to her ankles. I just bought her a pair of 8.5 ww but her feet will not go in past her toes. I haven,t been able to find an affordable pair of athletic shoe with a www or eee triple width shoe Her normal size shoe was 7d or normal width.. Mom is 96. can you help me.

  3. Dear Nancy,

    What a good daughter you are! I strongly suggest you do some online searching for a local pedorthist. Sometimes shoes stores have them on staff. You should be able to find something with a velcro closure that is easy to slip into. The PROPET brand should be very good for your purposes.

    Best wishes to you and your mom,
    The Shoe Lady

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