What Color Shoes With a Red Dress for Evening?

Dear Shoe Lady,
What color shoe would you suggest I wear with a red sequined dress to a black tie party.
I was thinking nude color, I wear 10 wide, 2-2.5 inch heel. I am having problem finding one. Please help me.
Thank you

Lora –
I’m imagining that by black tie you mean a long dress? That’s what I’m visioning. But, no matter, the answer is the same. Silver fabric or silver toned metallic. You don’t want to call attention to your feet with such a bright dress. Silver is a great “neutral” for red when you are getting dressy. Here are some choices for silver styles from the DesignerShoes.com Dressy Evening collection.

If it is a long dress and you really want your shoes to blend in, take a look at the Bridal/ Dyeable collection at DesignerShoes.com and have them dyed to match the dress. Have a Ball!

The Shoe Lady

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  2. I have a red short satin dress. Very classy and just knee length and fitted. I want to know color of shoes and hose.

  3. Can you wear red shoes with a short red dress?


    It depends!
    1. Can you match your reds? There are orangish reds and bluish reds. They do NOT go together. You can always get dyeable shoes, though and dye the shoes to match the dress.
    2. Are the shoes and the dress designed for the same kind of occasion? Red sneakers and a red cocktail dress are obvious “no-no’s”. But it gets more subtle. Be careful!

    The Shoe Lady

  4. I have this red dress, what colour heels would go w/ it? I was thinking nude?



  5. Alas Elle, the link you provided for the red dress doesn’t work. Wear nude shoes only if it is a “daytime wear” red dress. If it is night time, metallic or clear works well.

    The Shoe Lady

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