Will the Width Change if She Gets a Half Size Smaller?

I recently purchased Bella Vita Mimosa Black Snake in a 9.5 extra wide and found that the shoe is a little long and I have extra room in the heel and toe. I’m thinking of exchanging it for a 9 extra wide. However, the 9.5 extra wide fits me nicely width-wise and if the width changes, the shoe won’t fit. So, my question is, is there a difference width-wise between a 9.5 ww and a 9 ww?? Thanks in advance for your assistance!!


Dear Allie,

The nice people at DesignerShoes.com sent your question over to me because…. it is complicated.  First, your homework assignment is to read about wide sizes, especially the section that pertains to how shoemakers make what they euphemistically refer to as “wide sizes”.   http://www.designershoes.com/about-size/width

In THEORY:  There is some general agreement that a shoe increases 3/16th of an inch around the circumference of the ball of the foot for every increase in width for the same length.

But different manufacturers accomplish the extra width differently. Some may cut more material for the upper part of the shoe. Some may cut the sole slightly wider. Some may only increase the width for every full size length change – or even every couple of size length changes. You never can be sure as the manufacturing processes can differ even for the same style.

Since we don’t know, and probably the folks at Bella Vita don’t know, what the decision was for changing the width dimensions on this particular style, the only way to know is to try the smaller size and see if that squeezes your foot more than you would like.  3/16ths of an inch is not a big difference.  If the length really is uncomfortable for you, it may be worth trying the shorter version and having it stretched by a professional  shoe repair shop if  it is too tight.  If it is just a tad too long, you risk changing the contour of the shoe, where the wider part hits your foot,  which could make the width feel different.

Sorry Allie, no right answer here.  The choice is yours!

The Shoe Lady