Aerosoles Shoe Fit for Size 9.5 Wide

Dear Shoe Lady,
I am interested in the Aerosoles Baltic Sea Black Leather shoe in size 9.5 wide. I am concerned that the strap will not fit over my chubby foot. Is there elastic in it or will it stretch in some way?

Dear Susan,
I’m so glad you chose the Aerosoles Baltic Sea Black Leather shoes. You will not be disappointed! One of the best features about these shoes is their comfort. No need to worry about the material of the strap, it is easily adjustable via it’s Velcro. You can loosen or tighten the shoe as needed and it will remain safely secured on your 9.5 wide foot!

Aerosoles Baltic Sea Black Leather at

Baltic Sea by Aerosoles is a Low Heel Casual Loafer

Happy Holidays!

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