Dreaming of Fashionable High Heels In America

For as long as I can remember, I have always had big feet. I guess that here in America where specialty sizes are easily available, a child with big feet isn’t easily traumatized; however I grew up in a country in Africa where most women had ‘small, feminine feet’ and as such I went through life virtually barefoot because there were no stores that had sizes for women like me. By the time I was 10 I was a size 10 and today at the age of 32, I am a size 13W!

I have been in the U.S for a little over a year now and began my search for shoes my size. Fortunately, I discovered a few online stores that serve women like me, but I also discovered that these stores usually don’t stock a large number of these shoes (for instance they may stock only one pair of size 13W) thereby leaving me to have to make do with a medium size if any at all.

I have also found that the larger the size, the clumsier the style of shoe. This is very sad because I love fashionable high-heels and pointy-toe shoes.

I have been able to acquire a few good shoes, but my greatest desire is the day when I will be able to have access to a wide variety of fashionable shoes in my size, by just clicking a button on my computer! I hope that dream comes true someday very soon.



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