In Tears With No Shoes As School Dance Approaches

I was 16 and our school “dinner dance” was fast approaching.  I hadn’t really attended a formal occasion such as this – in fact, I tended to avoid them due to my massive shoe size (size 13).  I found it absolutely impossible to find shoes in my size anywhere in Perth for day-to-day wear, let alone a formal occasion!

I was in tears often when it came to not being able to find shoes and this particular time was no exception!  I had my Mum running all over town trying to find (at the very least) a half decent pair of heels for me to wear with my beautiful cocktail dress.  It wasn’t to be though…I ended up having to wear clog like shoes and nobody could find shoes that would (even remotely) match my dress!  So there I was at my school “dinner dance” with a stunning dress and horrible shoes which did nothing to compliment the dress!  I will never forget that evening – and not for the memories of being with friends but because of my memory of my hideous shoes!!!!



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