Dyeing Shoe Colors that POP for Bridesmaids in Wedding


Five of my bridesmaids are wearing a pewter dress and the other three are wearing royal blue . What color shoes should the girls in pewter wear ?  It’s a one strap satin dress right above the knee. The girls in royal blue have a floor length, long dress.  I wanted the girls in pewter to wear a pop color like blue shoes or something . Not sure.

Please help me . Any suggestions on color and style ?

Thank you



If you want the bridesmaid ladies to all have the same shoe style, or close to it AND you want a color that “pops”, you should look at the dyeable shoe choices.  The white shoes in this collection are dyeable:  http://www.designershoes.com/collections/bridal-dyeable
The shoes come with a fabric swatch for test dyeing.  The bold colors look terrific.  If your colors are royal blue and pewter, what color(s) are your flowers?  Let’s say they are hot pink or orange?  Why not get shoes to match your flowers?  Or a third accent color you are using at the wedding?
Not knowing your taste or color scheme, or venue… I would run these ideas by whomever is helping you plan the wedding, including your bridesmaids.  The nice thing about dyeable shoes, you can dye them to match the royal blue dresses (for example) and then those ladies can dye them again to the color of their choice.
Here’s how you do this.  Buy the dyeable shoes. Make sure they fit.  Take the shoes, with color swatches you like, to a good full service shoe repair shop.  (Look in the phone book or online.  Shoe repair shops used to be on every corner practically, but not any more.)  The shoe repair person can dye the shoes (and also adjust the fit, like making the shoes a bit wider for bunions, etc.)  Expect the dyer to take about 2 extra days to let the shoes dry.  So don’t wait too long to take them in.
The dying process is relatively easy.  If you can’t find a shoe repair person or if you’d rather do it yourself, here is one of many places to get the dying materials:  http://www.shoecaresupplies.com
PLEASE!  Do send as a picture of the results!  It sounds like it is going to be a beautiful wedding!
Best to you,
The Shoe Lady

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