High Instep Makes it Hard to Find Shoes that Fit

Shoe Lady-

What a difficult time it is for shopping for shoes. ¬†ūüôĀ ¬†Shoes need to be made with higher insteps. ¬†Any suggestions? ¬†I wear a 11W.



 Dear Sharon-
I understand that you believe the cause of your problem is that shoes do not accommodate higher insteps. ¬†But I’m not sure of what the resulting problem is? ¬†Do the shoes not support your arches? ¬†Do the shoes not provide enough space on the top of your foot, the vamp?
If it is a high arch, take this “wet pavement” test: ¬†http://asktheshoelady.designershoes.com/category/shoe-fit-2/shoe-fit-healthy-feet-tips/¬†and follow the tips.
If it is not enough space on the top of your foot, you will need to look for specific types of shoe styles that do not cut into the skin on your foot but still hold your foot securely.  Lace ups are a great choice.  And since menswear styles are such a hot trend right now, you will have lots of choices.  Shoes with microfiber or elastic uppers are also a good choice.
Tell me more about your problem and I’ll try to be more specific.
The Shoe Lady
Thanks for the reply.¬† To clarify, the top of my foot, the vamp, doesn’t have enough room, ¬†and I also have wide feet.¬†¬† I am finding due to not having enough room on top of the foot, the shoes are not fitting despite the wide foot.

I am so sympathetic. ¬†I share your pain. ¬†It was years before I realized that I have what I affectionately refer to as a “muscular” foot, ie. thick. ¬†And I have a fairly high arch. ¬†You must accommodate that width. ¬†Think of the shoe as a container holding the volume of your foot. ¬†Be rigorous about turning away from those fashionable styles that will bind into the top of your foot. ¬†As mentioned, if you want to wear ballet flats and keep them on, they should have a mary jane strap. ¬†Otherwise, the wider fit you need will invariably be too wide for your heel and the shoes will slip off.

Keep in mind the 28 fit points.  Most people just think about length, but that is only one fit point.  You need to shoe shop with length, width and front of shoe volume in mind.  Remembering 3 out of 28 is not hard.  And even if it limits your options, your feet will be happy and that will bring you comfort!
The Shoe Lady

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