Man Wins Her Heart Through Her Large Size Feet

Since early childhood I’ve had a ‘thing’ for shoes.  I remember taking new shoes to bed with me when I was three!  I also remember just about every pair of shoes I wore growing up.  I was destined to be a shoe maven…I thought.

As years wore on, I found myself in big trouble.  At ten years old, I was offered my first shoebox to wear because the store didn’t carry any size 7’s in narrow and that were appropriate for a child.  The shoe salesman told my parents I had a twenty-dollar foot, which were big bucks in the 50’s.  I remember crying my way from store to store.

As a woman in my twenties, I once wore my bedroom slippers for nine months while waiting for the shoes I had to order.  By then I wore a size 13 AAAA.  So you can imagine my surprise and joy when a guy I was dating actually bought a pair of heels for me for Christmas!  They weren’t black and they were IN STYLE!  I knew how much work he had to go through to find them.  Needless to say, HE’S THE MAN I MARRIED!



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