Shoe Problems at the Bowling Alley Challenges Size 10.5 Woman

I have to say that this shoe story resonates with me – the size 11 men’s bowling shoes.

I am now 62 years young, and wear a 10.5B shoe but way back in my youth, I was first in my grade school class to weigh more than 100 pounds, wore a size 9 shoe then, and also had the bowling alley experience of having to rent a male shoe.  Making things worse, the size numbers were scrawled in large red letters on the back of the shoes.  Same problem with roller-skates at the local rink; same problem with ski boots and with running shoes in the 1970s.  I had to buy men’s shoes for length, and then wear thick socks to make up for the width and depth difference.

Fortunately my ego remained intact  – a big girl needs big feet.   I never shopped for shoes in the sense that others did.  I would just ask the clerk: “What do you have in a 10.5B?”  Answer: “Clodhoppers”.  Oddly, I did not discover your web site until about 2 months ago. What a difference you would have made in my life earlier.  I too could have owned “cute shoes”!  Who knows what higher peaks of success might have been achieved had existed in my career-building heyday.  Or which await me now that I do!



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