Size 12 Competition for Women’s Shoes Is Fierce, Includes Competing With Cross Dressers

I was shopping at Nordstrom Rack with my then 16 year old 6’0” daughter who wears a size 12 shoe. Nordstrom has the best selection around for that size. So there I am looking through the racks trying to find something at which my teenager won’t turn up her nose and I feel the presence of another woman next to me.

It can be a pretty aggressive experience hunting down a cute pair of size 12’s! So I turn and look her in the eye, as if to say, ” back off this is my rack!!” Well to my surprise and shock, this woman is actually a man; a transvestite wearing a white mini skirt and tasteful blouse while searching for a strappy sandal! I had to laugh because it’s hard enough to find size 12’s without having to include the transsexual crowd! My teenager was of course mortified and won’t step back into that store. So thank goodness we found you!


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