Size 13 Teen Makes Holy Bargain for New Brown Boots

I have 4 pair of shoes in my trunk. 2 flat mules (black patent and woven black) and 2 flip flops (metallic and leather)
When I was a freshman in high school back in 1984 I was already a size 13M.  Like most women, there was not a shoe that I didn’t like.  Unfortunately my size was very hard if not impossible to find.  When we did find a store that carried shoes in my size the selection was usually only one of two shoes in black, blue or brown. (Nothing like, where were you 20 years ago???)   It was constantly disappointing to go new shoe shopping.

My freshman year, my parents really wanted to send me to Catholic school.  I had my own ideas and was really set on going to the local public school because I had been in parochial schools since I was 8.  This was to be my first chance at freedom in a public school.

My parents took me shoe shopping for the upcoming school year.  We came into Boston to the only shoe store at the time that carried size 13.  When we were there, I found these beautiful brown, soft leather boots that I absolutely fell in love with.  The problem was that they were over $100 and my parents did not want to spend that kind of money (in 1984 that was even more than today) But, they relented if I would change my mind and go to Catholic school.  I thought, “I’ll agree to go, wear them the first day, then go back on my side of the deal and continue to go to the public school I was already enrolled in. Since I will have worn the boots, there would be no way my parents could return worn boots.

My plan backfired.  My parents sent me to Catholic school in my new boots and 4 years later I was still there wearing them.  Is there nothing a girl won’t do for her favorite pair of shoes or boots?

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