Super Wide Feet !

Dear Shoe Lady,

Using your measuring guide my feet are 28cm long and 12.3cm wide. Reading your charts my length is 10½ but my width would require a massive size 13… I have always struggled finding shoes, in fact I never had a comfy pair!

Does anyone make shoes for my size?

Dear Sarah,

After reviewing your measurements a 28cm length puts you at a size 13 and your 12.3cm width puts you at a WW. Have you ever tried on 13WW?

Oh Sarah, yes of course, manufacturers do make a size 13WW. Take notice of the brand and tips scrolling through the photos.

Trotters Melanie Cognac at

Trotters Melanie Cognac is a Mid Heel Casual Slingback. Trotters’s women’s shoe size run is typically six widths, extra slim (AAAA), slim(AAA), narrow, medium, wide and extra wide(WW). Sizes range from 5 to 13

I found you can always take a pair of shoes to a shoe maker. Talk to him about what the problem is. To tight on the sides or causing blisters and they will happily stretch the shoes out, usually for free the first time. 100% worth it !

Annie Venice Zebra at

Annie Venice Zebra is a Mid Heel Casual Sandal. Annie’s women’s shoe size run is typically 6 medium (M), 7 extra wide (WW) to 13 extra wide (WW).

I love Annie Shoes. The fit is true and the styles are very trendy.

Antia Clarissa Mocha Full Grain at

Antia Clarissa is a Low Heel Casual Sandal. Antia’s women’s shoe size run is typically 6 medium (M), to 13 extra wide (WW)

The shoes may be hard on the eyes (in pictures) but they are stylish and suitable to wear with cute jeans, shorts of even a flirty. The photos do not do the shoe justice.

You are not alone. The average women is a size 9, not a 7, that the manufactures want to believe. Embrace your feet and treat them well.

Take care,
Shoe Lady.

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  2. Several months ago, I read an article about 2 sisters (I think) that owened a shoe company which catered to women with large size feet. Would you happen to know how I can contact this company. They had very stylish shoes…modern, beautiful..etc.

    Thank you


  3. The recommended shoes are hideous and I’d say, you are size 12 irrespective of the width and not 13. Definitely not 10.5…where are you checking? lol

  4. Whoa! We have some stubborn readers! If you want shoes to fit you do need to know the measurement of your feet. 28 cm IS A SIZE 13 in women’s US sizes. Check it out here:

    But there is a lot more to getting the right fit. There are 28 different dimensions that need to be considered for each foot. So there’s a lot of compromising on the fit, the style and where it doesn’t fit. Always make sure it is long enough. Width is trickier because your foot could be wide side to side or top to bottom. Or you could have longer than average toes which will make the ball of your foot hit in what is designed to be a narrower part of the shoe. Read this:

    As for styles for size 13 WW – Mairah, the choices are more limited than, say, a size 8M, but as of today, there are 130 choices in size 13WW right here:

    The Shoe Lady

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