Question: Are you shopping for High, Medium or Low heeled shoes?

High heels,  I’m thinking 3 inches or more.  =   689 votes

Medium high heels, around 2.5 inches to 3 inches.  =  569 votes  (Last place)

Medium low heels, I like the look of a heel but don’t make me stand on something over 2.25 inches.  =  787 votes  (First Place)

Lower heels, something between 1 and 1.75 inches.  =  669 votes

Flats, ballet flats, loafers with thick soles, etc.  Just keep my foot parallel to the earth!  =  637 votes

My Right Shoe Size – International Sizes

Q: Good morning,
I’d like to buy a pair of shoes in but I’m not sure about the size. The thing is my feet measure 28cm and my size in Europe is 43. What would be the right size to buy in For me, the more trustful measure is by CM … so, as of the webpage chart, would my size be a 10 / 10.5 in UK measure?
Thank you very much.

A: Hi Eva,
According to the chart you would be between a 10.5 and an 11 in UK measurements. Before committing to a shoe I would measure again just to be sure you are getting the same length. If you wore a 43, your foot length would be around 26.7cm. The way shoes are made definitely makes a difference in how the overall fit works. Sometimes one can manage a slightly smaller size if there is less padding in a shoe, such as a ballet flat or a sandal. What you have described is a fairly significant difference, but don’t despair! I would love to know what the results are a second time, and in general what types of size 43 shoes you have been wearing.

Forgotten Soles Frankiee Grn at

Frankiee by Forgotten Soles is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Take care,
The Shoe Lady

10 narrow sandals or slides

Q: I have searched your site for sandals or slides to fit… but ALL my searches come up with nothing… my shoe size is actually 10-1/2N, but in a sandal or slide I can wear a 10N… I have searched everywhere, to no avail. I am tired of wearing flip-flops for every occasion… they are not very attractive with a skirt or dress… do you have any ideas…?

A: Jeanine, I can certainly understand wanting a variety of looks for the summer months, and wearing a style beyond flip-flops! In searching for both 10 and 10.5 narrow, here are a few choices to get you started that will work with both dresses and skirts.

Trotters by Shelby has subtle elegant detailing and a soft footbed.

Trotters Shelby Black at

Shelby by Trotters is a Mid Heel Casual Sandal

Tahiti by Softwalk comes in four colors: Black, Mocha, and Gold Wash, and sports decorative nail heads.

Softwalk Tahiti Pearl Oyster at

Tahiti by Softwalk is a Low Heel Casual Sandal

Valentina by Naturalizer showcases a metallic shimmer, and an adjustable heel strap for the perfect fit.

Naturalizer Valentina Nickel Alloy at

Valentina by Naturalizer is a Mid Heel Casual Sandal

Good luck,
The Shoe Lady

Narrow to Wide Feet

Q: Hi! How fortunate that I finally found a shoe lady; hopefully you’ll be able to help me out. Due to some injuries and surgeries, I’ve gone from a 11 narrow to a 12-13 wide, needing extra depth. I’m already 6’1″ so don’t really like heels, plus they’re painful on feet like mine. Any suggestions for casual shoes would be appreciated. Thank you.

A: Here are some options to get you started! Casual shoes come in an array of styles, and often can complete an after five look as well. Happy searching, and I would love to know what you end up selecting.

Bella Vita Playmate Pewter Tumbled

Playmate by Bella Vita is a Low Heel Casual Loafer

Playmate in pewter by Bella Vita sports a stylish buckle to adorn this comfortable casual loafer.

Aerosoles Beccentric Grey Fabric

Beccentric by Aerosoles is a Low Heel Casual Flat

Aerosoles is known for their shoes that address both style and comfort! This ballet flat is a casual shoe that can make the transition to nighttime wear with ease.

Softwalk Treviso Dark Red

Treviso by Softwalk is a Low Heel Casual Mule

Softwalk’s Treviso in dark red has a modest heel with attention paid to the softness of the interior.

Softwalk Adora Black

Adora by Softwalk is a Low Heel Casual

Softwalk’s Adora takes its inspiration from clogs, but adds extra support with a closed heel.

The Shoe Lady

My Maxi Dress Needs the Right Shoe

Q: Dear Shoe Lady, This summer I am going to brave wearing a maxi dress as a casual option. What do you believe might go well with one?


A: Hi Dana,

Maxi dresses can be elegant, romantic, fun, and were designed well for the summer months. I am pleased to see them making another round this season. Here are a few options to start with for a nice pairing.

Gleam by Annie found at

Gleam by Annie in silver has a simple yet bold buckle.

Royal Gold by Fit in Clouds Ballet Flat

Royal Gold by Fit in Clouds is a good option when harnessing the inner fairy tale princess or ballerina.

Plushed Velvet by Aerosoles

Plushed Velvet by Aerosoles has a corked wedge that echoes the summer spirit.


The Shoe Lady