My Maxi Dress Needs the Right Shoe

Q: Dear Shoe Lady, This summer I am going to brave wearing a maxi dress as a casual option. What do you believe might go well with one?


A: Hi Dana,

Maxi dresses can be elegant, romantic, fun, and were designed well for the summer months. I am pleased to see them making another round this season. Here are a few options to start with for a nice pairing.

Gleam by Annie found at

Gleam by Annie in silver has a simple yet bold buckle.

Royal Gold by Fit in Clouds Ballet Flat

Royal Gold by Fit in Clouds is a good option when harnessing the inner fairy tale princess or ballerina.

Plushed Velvet by Aerosoles

Plushed Velvet by Aerosoles has a corked wedge that echoes the summer spirit.


The Shoe Lady