Size 11.5 Flats

Dear Shoe Lady,
I need a pair of flat women’s shoes with 1/4′ heel, and that just cover the toes. They need to be in a women’s size 11.5. They are for my mother, who is 86 years old. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Respectfully Submitted,

Dear Paul,
We have a few pairs of shoes that I’m sure your dear mother would love! The first is the Rangoni Camilla flat in black. While very versatile, this comfortable flat is also very conservative and fashionable.

Rangoni Camilla Black at

Rangoni Camilla Black is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

And in beige:
Rangoni Camilla Tortora at

Rangoni Camilla Tortora is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

However, the Rangoni brand is expensive. If you are looking for a more cost effective yet comfortable style I would recommended the Fit in Clouds. Easy on the wallet, stretchable with a rubber sole bottom.
Fit In Clouds Bow Tie Black at

Fit In Clouds Bow Tie Black is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Make sure to review the Fit in Clouds sizing chart. Your mother would order an XXLARGE.