What Shoes Should I Wear to Citizenship Ceremony with Navy Jacket, Red Dress?

Ms. Shoe Lady,

I need your help, please.
I am going to a Citizenship Ceremony. I bought myself a RED dress pencil dress and a navy blue short jacket.
What color shoes can I wear?
Thank you!



Dear Janet,

I am assuming Congratulations are in order?!  Not sure which country, but it sounds like you are aiming to honor a flag of red and blue?  Very nice!
I am seeing some navy blue slingbacks.  It would be charming if you could find some shoe clips that had a red flower to clip on the vamp.
Here is a classic navy slingback.  Panama navy slingback by Bellini
Here is something a little dressier:
Best to you,
The Shoe Lady
Thank you so much ,Shoe Lady!I am noticing that the heel is small. I guess a high heeled shoe would be inappropriate?Janet

Dear Janet,
You are dressing for “business” attire.  You certainly can wear a high heeled shoe but most business attire shoes are in the 2.5 inch range.  And a navy blue shoe is generally considered to be for business attire so there are not many styles made in that color with higher heels.

The Shoe Lady