What Shoes Should I Wear to Citizenship Ceremony with Navy Jacket, Red Dress?

Ms. Shoe Lady,

I need your help, please.
I am going to a Citizenship Ceremony. I bought myself a RED dress pencil dress and a navy blue short jacket.
What color shoes can I wear?
Thank you!



Dear Janet,

I am assuming Congratulations are in order?!  Not sure which country, but it sounds like you are aiming to honor a flag of red and blue?  Very nice!
I am seeing some navy blue slingbacks.  It would be charming if you could find some shoe clips that had a red flower to clip on the vamp.
Here is a classic navy slingback.  Panama navy slingback by Bellini
Here is something a little dressier:
Best to you,
The Shoe Lady
Thank you so much ,Shoe Lady!I am noticing that the heel is small. I guess a high heeled shoe would be inappropriate?Janet

Dear Janet,
You are dressing for “business” attire.  You certainly can wear a high heeled shoe but most business attire shoes are in the 2.5 inch range.  And a navy blue shoe is generally considered to be for business attire so there are not many styles made in that color with higher heels.

The Shoe Lady

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress (day)

Dear Shoe Lady,
I’ve got a red knee length Karen Millen dress and want to know what color shoes are best to go with it. I have worn it for a wedding and wore silver shoes and silver bag but was wondering if nude shoes would go? Black looked too hard and red seem too much. What do you think?

Dearest Jody,
As much as it pains me to say this, you don’t need me. You understand perfectly what to wear.
But, since you asked……

Nude shoes usually mean a beige tone shoe. Without seeing the dress, I would not go there. That is a color, more a daytime, business wear color.
Although, here is a beige shoe that might work with the right accessories for a daytime occasion:

Samanta Covington Preto at DesignerShoes.com

Covington by Samanta is a High Heel Dressy Pump

I would not do black pumps or red pumps.

I WOULD do shades of silver, like pewter.

Bella Vita Entertain Ii Pewter at DesignerShoes.com

Entertain Ii by Bella Vita is a Mid Heel Dressy Pump


Dyeables Opal Pewter Metallic at DesignerShoes.com

Opal by Dyeables is a Mid Heel Dressy Sandal

I WOULD do CLEAR sandals. Here is a way out example of a high heel platform mule.

Ellie Vanity Clear at DesignerShoes.com

Vanity by Ellie is a High Heel Dressy Slide

(Note: Do make sure you are fully insured before wearing these!)

I WOULD do a nearly naked little black patent sandal for less dressy occasions. Here’s a low heel T-strap sandal from Annie:

Annie Sunup Black Patent at DesignerShoes.com

Sunup by Annie is a Low Heel Dressy Sandal

Simple rule:
Dress up: Silver or pewter.
Dress down: black patent sandal or clear.

Corollary rule:
Rules are made to be broken… when you find the right shoe and accessorize!

The Shoe Lady