Wide Feet at Toes – What Shoe Size Should I Buy?

I have a question about a specific pair of shoes and a more general question about finding fitting shoes.
I have a lot of trouble finding shoes that fit me. I have wide feet, at least at the front (the part right before the toes) and my toes. In addition to that I’m really sensitive and can’t wear anything that is the least bit tight. It can be snug but if my toes touch the shoes then I can’t wear them. I’m not sure what size my feet are as I always wear shoes that are too big as my toes get squeezed otherwise. I haven’t managed to find shoes with arch support or other support in the sole that I can wear, it’s too uncomfortable. The size I normally wear is 38-39 Danish/European size. This leads to me wearing shoes that are 1,5-3 cm too long. My left foot is smaller than my right, in my current shoes the difference is about 1 cm (right has about 2cm to the end of the shoes, the left about 3 cm, estimated) I’m a student so I can’t afford expensive shoes or to get them custom-made. Do you know of any brand that makes shoes that might fit me? Or maybe you have some suggestions as to how I can find shoes that fit me? I’m also worried it might be a problem that they’re as long as they are.

I recently bought a new pair of shoes. They’re running shoes/sneaker style(not actually running shoes, just the style). As I usually have a lot of trouble finding shoes that fit so when I found these I they fit pretty well right off the bat so I hurried and bought them. I have worn them outside so I can’t exchange them. Now the problem is that the left shoe make a weird sound when I walk quickly. It doesn’t seem broken so I think it’s because it’s too long. The left shoe bends more in the front than my right, probably because my feet doesn’t reach as far in the left shoe as in the right.
In the right shoe there is about 2 cm from the end of my toes to the tip of the shoe, in the left shoe it’s about 3cm. I’ve tried smaller sizes and they get too tight around the toes of my right foot(I can just feel the edges of that shoe with my toe halfway through the day so any smaller would definitely hurt). Is it a problem that my left shoe makes this noise? So far it hasn’t hurt in any way but I don’t want to risk hurting my foot. I can live with the sound if nothing bad is happening though I would love if there was some way to make it stop.

I hope I didn’t misunderstand your website and you don’t actually answer such questions. I also hope that I have explained my problem in a way that makes sense as English is not my first language.

Stine K Vesterager

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