Need Deeper Toe Box on Shoes

Dear Shoe Lady,
So far, the only shoes that fit comfortably on my feet are Drew’s size 10W.  I’ve tried other so-called wide fitting shoes…WW…but they don’t have the depth I need and I can barely squeeze my foot in let alone wear them.  I’ve tried using a half size larger but then the shoes slip and rub my heels.

I’m looking for flats…something that isn’t clunky like the Drew models…and I’m also looking for a low cut winter snow boot.

What would you suggest…and am I able to return them from Canada if they don’t fit?


Dear Pat,

Please excuse my rude delay in responding to your question.
I suggest you read this article about understanding wide feet and wide shoe sizing:
There are 28 different “fit points” on a shoe.  You have discovered one that many people don’t even bother considering and that is the depth of the toe box.  Some brands like Drew and Propet are good at making shoes for comfort and have some styles that have a deeper toe box.  New Balance makes some of their athletic shoes with this feature as well.
But if you want a wider range of choices, you will need to seek out styles that have a wider forefoot, like round or square toed styles, not pointed toe styles.  Also, some styles have the infuriating pattern of getting shallower in the toe box as you reach the toes… just when you want that wiggle room.
Women with bunions don’t need the depth but they do need a disproportionate amount of width in the forefoot area but not in the heel.  You share this need.  Width is designed into shoes either by increasing the width of the sole or by adding more material across the top.  Either way helps you and helps women with bunions.  But if the heels are too wide, you will slip out.  I recommend wider styles with round or square toe boxes and for flats, a mary jane style.  Laceups and loafers also stay on your feet better.  Ballet flats can be hard to wear.
When summer comes, watch for sandals that have adjustable straps across the vamp and toe box area.
Look at the Propet and Toe Warmers styles in the Booties (Ankle Boots) department,, to find something with a deeper toe box.  For example, look at the Propet Weather Walker, Frost or Stowe styles and the Toe Warmers Tempt or About Town styles.
Please do let me know which ones you are thinking of and I will check further for you.

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