Occupational Cape Clogs

Dear Shoe Lady,
Love the thought of wearing clogs all day while at work. However, Lollipops belong in mouth not on my feet. Any chance of getting Cape Clogs in different colors. How about good old basic black?

Thank you for supplying a large-sized variety of stylish shoes.

Happy Feet

Dearest Happy Feet,
Depending on your occupation you might fall in love with our – Quark Quarky Clogs! They come in a variety of colors, including green, brown, blue, and white for a reasonable price.

Quark Quarky Khaki at DesignerShoes.com

Quarky by Quark is a Low Heel Casual Mule

If your occupation requires a more dressy look then I would recommend your favorite Cape Clogs in Jet Black.

Cape Clogs Jet Black at DesignerShoes.com

Jet Black by Cape Clogs is a Mid Heel Casual Mule

The Cape Clogs are offered with a variety of designs but we do carry basic black, brown and tan. Sizes 5 (medium/ wide) to 15 (medium).

Happy Shopping!
The Shoe Lady

Shoes for Teachers

Hello Shoe Lady,
This is your sister again.
I admit that I didn’t take the advice you offered last time I wrote. I succumbed to the ease of the washable shoes even though you recommended a nice mule.
I’ve been on my feet teaching math here in Florida now for a few months. I’d like some comfortable, stylish shoes that I can wear throughout the school year. I’m looking for something with a 1″ heel in a cocoa brown color with a price that fits a teacher’s wallet and my short wide foot. Remember all those summers we went barefoot? We didn’t know then but I am paying the price now with “spreading” feet!
I’m looking forward to some suggestions from you.

Your much younger sister

Well dear little, short, tiny footed sister….. it isn’t going barefoot that made your feet wide. It is getting old. Actually, not true. You were born with wide feet. I remember. Chubby little things.

Anyway…. I digress.
Here is a link for you to find brown low heeled shoes – http://www.designershoes.com/?color=32&heel=50&limit=80&sizewidth=197
In the “Sort by” box in tiny letters (put on your glasses) on the right side of the page of shoes, sort by Price.

I know there are boots and you are in Florida. Sorry we don’t have an “exclude” function on search. But by limiting the shoe choices to “low” heel, you miss some great clogs and mules that have a higher heel but also a platform. That reduces the angle and brings your short self more in line with the family.

Take a look at the Softwalk mules (you can sort by Mule under the STYLE department).
I suggest the Mika, the Murietta and the Denver, all in your size and color. I added the images for each shoe below in case you needed a visual guide.

Softwalk Denver Wheat at DesignerShoes.com

Denver by Softwalk is a Mid Heel Casual Mule

Softwalk Mika Dark Brown at DesignerShoes.com

Mika by Softwalk is a Mid Heel Dressy Mule

Softwalk Murietta Cognac Croco at DesignerShoes.com

Murietta by Softwalk is a Mid Heel Casual Mule

I also think you and your kids would have fun with you showing up in a pair of Cape Clogs mules. You can get flower prints or skull and cross bones… wear according to your mood. Let it be a warning to the little tykes.

The Shoe Lady