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Dear Shoe Lady,
I was so excited to find your website as the only shoes that fit my feet are thong sandals.

I have measured my feet as your site describes, and the measurements are as follows:
Length 24.5cm
Width 11.75cm
Please can you tell me what size I am?

Kind regards,
Michelle (Australia)

Hi Michelle,
We LOVE our Aussies! With a length of 24.5CM your size would be an 8.5 which equates to 26.4CM.

Your shoe width however, is a bit tricky. An 8.5WW measures 11.1cm. You width is 11.75cm so I am afraid an 8.5WW will be too snug. I would suggest trying an 8.5WWW. The downside with tripe wide widths is the styles are very limited.

Another option would be to try a 9WW and play around with the use of insoles. Also be selective in choosing shoes with soft, stretchable material to accommodate your wider width feet. Here is a nice 9WW size option –

Annie Gable Brown Velvet Suede at DesignerShoes.com

Annie Gable Brown Velvet Suede is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

One more thing Michelle, what size/width thong sandals are your currently wearing?

Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “Wider Width Feet

  1. hi I have wide feet but they are small. I was wondering would a medium be ok to wear. I am trying to get a pair of sandal heels for my wedding & they have my size but not sure of the width. please help me. From Canada marrying an Aussie !

  2. The width of your feet has nothing to do with the length. Don’t buy a shoe that will end up being uncomfortable and a waste of your money! A wide foot will not fit into a medium.

  3. I am looking for a shoe that would fit my big feet. I need a size that coresponds to a mens 11.5 eeee at the minimum and have been unable to find a womans shoe for quite a few years. I have been wearing mens new balance shoes for the last 5 years because they are the only ones that i can find. During my school years I had to wear mens loafers. I need a dress shoe with a lower heel as I am 75 years old and can no longer wear the high heel type. Can you find anything for me?

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