Only 1% of Women’s Shoe Brands Make Shoes for over 25% of Women!

Dear Shoe Lady,
I am very certain that I am not the only woman in the world that has a size 10 1/2 shoe. Why do manufacturers not make 10 1/2 shoes?  Tens are too small and 11 are like boats on my feet.   How can I get a hold of any shoe manufacture to suggest that they start making them? Also my heel is very narrow and I can never fit in any shoe.Ros_Hommerson_Ruby_Black_Kid-200x150

Yes I can buy one of those heal add-ons but then my foot moves forward and shortens the shoe.   Then my toes are very long and there is never enough space in the toe area for them.  I have a nightmare trying to find shoes that fit. I love when I can wear sandals but I can’t wear them in the winter.  I don’t know exactly how writing this letter can help my situation but I found you on the Internet and I thought I would give you a try. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Christine Bennett


Dear Christine –
Approximately 25% of all women in the USA wear shoes OVER size 10, yet fewer than 1% of all brands selling shoes in the USA actually make shoes over size 10.
They say that capitalism is a great way to get products to meet market demand.  But that does NOT hold true in the women’s shoe industry!  I have no idea why there is such a huge mismatch between production and market need, but there is.  The shoe industry folks who make these decisions still think it is 1952 and the average women’s shoe size is 6.
Here are some brands that make women’s shoe size 10.5: Naturalizer, Bella Vita, Ros Hommerson, Aerosoles-Outrider-250x Stuart Weitzman.  Find the brands that make the shoes that fit you and let them know you love them!
Best to you and your toes,
The Shoe Lady

Narrow Feet – Toes Too Tight and Heels Too Loose

Dear Shoe Lady,
My foot measures 10 inches long and 3 and a quarter inches wide at widest part of largest foot. Is that 10 and a half, narrow? Some narrows are a bit tight in the toes, but mediums are so wide in the heel, I can’t keep them on my foot. I do okay with flats, but when the heel is elevated, it is hard to keep them on. Thanks for your help.

Dearest Barbara,
With a length of 10 and width of 3.25 puts your size as 9.5 Narrow (N or AA). What size are you currently wearing now? Since the narrows are tight in the toes but loose in the heels then you may want to play around with insoles and possibly heel grips.

Full and half insoles offer different levels of support and no insole will create the perfect fit without trial and error. If you send me your email address I would be happy to mail send you some full insoles to play around with. Remember you can always trim the insoles. Email erica AT designershoes DOT com.

If you are looking for stylish flats in size 9.5 narrow here are some lovely options. The Naturalizer Shoes are known for their comfort more than style but that has been changing over the last few years. The Naturalizer Violette Pewter Mettallicare a stylish ballet flat with a buckle detail.

Naturalizer Violette Pewter Mettallic at

Naturalizer Violette Pewter Mettallic is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Ross Hommerson shoes are always made from quality materials, anti microbial foam and padded footbeds, some with arch supports. Ross Hommerson is on the expensive side so may sure to wait for sales. The Ros Hommerson Ailis Bronze Nappa pictured below is on SALE for $48.82. Marked down from $99.00 and is made of COROLLA CONSTRUCTION

Ros Hommerson Ailis Bronze Nappa at

Ros Hommerson Ailis Bronze Nappa is a Low Heel Dressy Flat

Wide vs. Extra Wide Width

Dear Shoe Lady,
How do you know what size to order wide vs. extra wide?

Dear Maddie,
Thank you so much for your question! To achieve the most comfortable and accurate width fit you MUST measure the width of your feet. Women do not believe the width measurement is an important one but they couldn’t be more wrong! Think about the difference in inches between a wide and extra wide width. It’s 0.4 inches. Imagine having to cram your toes into a shoe that is a half an inch too small. Painful!

The benefits of taking the time to measure your width will help prevent toe crowding, bunions, blisters and long painful nights are the dance floor. Not to mention heel slippage. Use our handy size chart to compare your width data then start shopping for comfortable shoes!

I wanted to spotlight an extra wide classic black pump ON SALE for $39.94. Marked down from $81.00.

Ros Hommerson Ruby Black Kid at

Ruby by Ros Hommerson is a High Heel Dressy Pump

Happy Shopping,
The Shoe Lady